TOPICS: Sabre Norris shows world how to flip script

SHARP: Olympic swimmer Justin Norris’s daughter Sabre is a hit on YouTube. Picture: Marina NeilWHETHER skating works out or not, nine-year-old prodigy Sabre Norris has a future in broadcasting.
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The daughter of Olympic swimming medallist Justin Norris made national news this week when YouTube footage emerged of her landing a 540 on a skate ramp.

Which makes her just the third female in the world to complete the trick. Topics could barely do it in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on Xbox.

Equally impressive is Sabre’s gift of the gab; she gives better quotes than your average NRL coach.

The pint-sized star told us she practised for a month and felt like giving up. But then . . .

“I could’ve taken the ordinary path and could’ve gave up. Or I could take the champion path, and that was to keep going.”

Blimey. Sabre hopes her sport makes the 2020 Olympics because her dad discovered that the athletes in Sydney got access to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

He got through 97 nuggets, falling ill just short of a sparkling hundred.

“He still ate the last three,” added Sabre.

The advice for skaters her age is to be positive and believe you can do it.

“But don’t get angry, or the rail will get you,” she warns.

“You’ll get hurt.”

The video of the 540 had nearly a million online views at the time of writing. Sabre’s next big trick is the “McTwist”, which is what she just did but upside down.

Snubbed Newcastle The Voice contestant Emily Rex.

ARE we just paranoid, or was The Voice’s snub of two Newcastle singers a kick in the guts?

The family of Cooranbong’s Emily Rex, 25, were fuming that her battle with fellow Team Will hopeful Chita Henneberry didn’t make Monday night’s episode.

Social media was onto it – one tweet, “Wtf? Where is Emily Rex?”, summed it up.

A family member, who asked not to be named, said the Nine show had ample opportunity to show the performances of Emily and Elise Baker, 20, also from Newcastle.

“The fact is the battle rounds were recorded in late February, so they’ve had three months to tweak the show to ensure all contestants are featured,” said the family member.

“Aren’t we good enough for national television? I feel it is not only a personal insult to the girls but an insult to the Hunter region in general, as if we’re just a pack of coalminers.”

The family said Rex and Baker, both eliminated, were bumped to make way for performances by pop starlet Katy Perry and country singer Keith Urban.

Voice executive producer Adrian Swift told Topics he’s lived in Newcastle, and the call to edit out Rex was “an arrow through the heart” for him.

“We make every attempt to show [contestants], but we don’t guarantee for exactly these reasons,” said Swift.

“These things happen in television, and it’s the nature of television.”

Rex’s family say they get the constraints of TV, but Emily was robbed of “her moment”.

Ashley Giles , Iberian overlord. (maybe)

WE never get sick of this story, and the sudden abdication of Spanish king Juan Carlos is just an excuse to retell it.

In the early 2000s, England cricketer Ashley Giles was honoured with a series of souvenir mugs.

“Ashley Giles: King of Spin,” they were meant to say.

And the mugs sold well. Too well. Turned out, a manufacturer’s typo had immortalised the spinner as the “King of Spain”.

Some observed, harshly, that the England left-armer had a better chance of turning out to be the Spanish monarch.

“Juan Carlos’ abdication at last means Ashley Giles formally recognised as King of Spain,” noted someone on our Twitter this week.

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