Frisoli murder house sells for $200,000 above reserve

17 Goodsir Street Rozelle 17 Goodsir Street Rozelle, scene of the Frisoli murders.

The lounge room at 17 Goodsir Street, Rozelle. The house sold for $2,265,000, more than $200,000 above its reserve.

The Rozelle house that was the scene of a double murder five years ago has sold for $2,265,000, more than $200,000 above its reserve.

The strong result was a case of the freestanding property’s generous size and a good renovation triumphing over its tragic history.

The former home of the Frisoli brothers, who were murdered in the lounge room in 2009, was purchased by a Byron Bay buyer.

It was one of almost 900 auctions on Saturday, the second biggest auction day of the year so far, and concluding the autumn selling season before next week’s long weekend.

The successful sale may force agents to rethink the impact that material fact laws have on a property’s value, given the Rozelle house sold for a price comparable with similar properties nearby, despite its gruesome history.

In 2009, property developer Albert Frisoli and his brother Mario Frisoli were found stabbed to death in the house’s lounge room by a former business associate of Albert’s, Giuseppe Di Cianni.

Before Di Cianni was sentenced to 30 years in jail last September, the Supreme Court heard he had dressed up in women’s clothes and entered the Frisoli brothers’ home. He first stabbed Mario to death, then waited two hours for Albert Frisoli to return before killing him, too.

Of the 10 groups who showed an active interest in the property at 17 Goodsir Street, three walked away from the sale once they heard about its history – but seven were undeterred by its past, according to agent Adrian Oddi of BresicWhitney.

Six contracts were issued and there were three registered bidders.

There was a strong turnout of inquisitive neighbours and a few local agents at the on-site auction, held at the rear of the property, well away from the front lounge room where the murders took place.

After a slow start and an opening bid of $1.9 million, it took auctioneer Gavin Croft a few minutes to extract a counter bid; this kicked off the competition among the three active bidders, taking the result well past the $2.05 million reserve.

The Byron Bay buyer was on the phone and represented at the auction by a BresicWhitney agent.

”In the end, the open auction format reassured all the buyers that there were other parties interested in the property for its own sake, and that gave them all the confidence to bid competitively for it,” Mr Oddi said.

The house, with four bedrooms, separate living areas and a self-contained studio at the back, would have been marketed at $2.2 million-plus if had not been the scene of the murders.

It was sold by Albert’s children, his de facto partner, Natasha Kourea, and Mario’s daughters.

Earlier this week Mario’s daughters, Shannon and Erica, said: ”In spite of the … tragedy that occurred at Goodsir Street, we still hold some very happy and memorable moments there.

”The home was full of fun and laughter, and pranks and games, and meals and discussions, and just normal family stuff, and we hope that whoever is lucky enough to secure the home – that it will give them lots of happy memories.”

In keeping with decade-old material fact law, all prospective buyers of the Rozelle house were told about its history once they showed interest and, in this case, details were also included on the contract of sale.

The material fact legislation was introduced a decade ago after the 2001 murders by Sef Gonzales of his family in their North Ryde home, and the subsequent sale of that house to a buyer who wasn’t aware of the property’s history.

That buyer only became aware they had bought the house where Gonzales committed the murders after they paid the $80,000 deposit. That deposit was later refunded and the property sold the following year to informed buyers for $720,000.

In 2012, the North Epping house where Lian Bin ”Robert” Xie is accused of allegedly murdering five members of the Lin family in 2009 sold for $766,000, well down on the advertised guide of $900,000 plus leading up to its March auction.

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